Why, What, How? - Hypoband -
Cold sweat due to Hypoglycemia is dangerous to your health! A fatal coma can strike, especially when no one is around to help you. The Hypoband can detect cold sweat and warn your family and loved ones that you need help. It could save your life!

Why Hypoband?

The ONLY “Cold Sweat device” that gives you remote connectivity. Which you can wear like a wrist watch and it gives peace of mind.

What it does?

It measures the skin’s humidity and temperature levels and displays the readings on the screen of the smartphone. It measures the skin’s humidity...

How it works?

The Hypoband is paired to a smartphone (android) and triggers it upon the onset of a cold sweat to make phone calls, sms to the caregivers...
How Hypoband Helps
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