Entrepreneurs create Hypoband hailing device to help patients

Hypoband Device

"Hypoband" is a cry for help can be worn on the wrist, through the Bluetooth connection to the Android mobile phone application to operate, once hypoglycemia in patients with the disease, hailing device to be tested in patients with symptoms of cold sweats, and sent via cell phone calls or text messages.

GEOB International Sdn Bhd in product promotion ceremony, said, Hypoband hailing device is equipped with high-tech sensors, can be tested to the level of patient body temperature and sweating.

"Hypoband is also equipped with alarm settings, you can wake up sleeping beside the patient caregivers, got up to help patients."

April launch

SOS alert also available on the key, the event of an emergency or fall at home, just press the key, the phone will also issue calls or SMS, which is a great help elderly people living alone.

Geoffrey Tan said, the current research and development work Hypoband first phase has been completed, when all goes well, the plan will in April or May when the product market.

"Hypoband hailing device first production number is 1000, the first issue in Malaysia, and then extended to other countries such as Singapore and Australia."

Geoffrey Tan parental pain of diabetes research at Parents

Geoffrey Tan said that precisely because of his elderly parent suffering from diabetes, and prompted him to develop Hypoband hailing device.

He said his father suffered from hypoglycemia, so that the mother can not let my father alone to sleep, or at any time when the disease may not be the first time to check on and help.

"It makes my mom must always accompany my father's side, if they have Hypoband, my mother can rest assured that their trip abroad."


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