FAQ - Hypoband

FAQs - Hypoband

Hypoband works by pairing it with via bluetooth to an android smartphone. The smartphone calls out, sms or alarms when the Hypoband detects cold sweat or a panic button is triggered.

No, it measures and detects sweat levels and skin temperature.

Yes, always ensure that the blue blinking LED light of the Hypoband blinks once every 5 seconds which indicates bluetooth connection with the smartphone. Bluetooth range is typically within a 10 meter radius coverage.

The Hypoband battery typically lasts for 12 hours upon full charge. A red blinking light of the LED indicates low battery.

The sms/call/alarm sequence will come into play and would initiate the smartphone to trigger the caregivers.

The purple LED light will blink, when the panic button is pressed.

No. There is a sensor port to detect temperature and moisture. If excessive water gets into it, the sensor may malfunction.

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