My father has been battling diabetes for nearly 3 decades. At his age, his condition is only expected to worsen with age.
With Hypoband, I am glad and greatly relief that us - his immediate family members are able to be notified and can rush to his aid at the very instant of distress.
This really alleviates some of my worries about him, especially when I’m not always available to be physically nearby.
Posted By: Mr Niraj
My mum frequent hypo at night. When that happens, she wakes up in a shock and could not get back to sleep. I do not stay with my mum. When I came across this product, I was so happy. Now, I am alerted every time she needs help during a hypo attack. Thank you Hypoband
Posted By: Penny Lim
The Hypoband is indeed a different device, that ensures I can be contacted Should there be a an emergency at home
Posted By: Batutista
I can use this Hypoband because it is good device For me as it detects if hypo and remind me to take my meal Or adjust my insulin (frequent hypo) without to test my blood Sugar level amidst my busy schedule
Posted By: Ms Low
I usually work till late at night, leaving my aged father home alone by himself. With the Hypoband, I know he is in safe hands knowing should anything happen. I, my sister and my doctor will be the first to know instantly.
Posted By: Mr Keith Chang
Kuala Lumpur
I use to get restless nights, monitoring my husband for cold sweat, also this responsibility prevents me from travelling overseas as I am worried that my husband is not aware of his night hypos. After purchasing the Hypoband, I now sleep soundly and can travel occasionally
Posted By: Mrs Mary Tan
Hyboband hypoglycemic alarm will stop The Huge risk and  many patients will sleep through these device safely . a warning alert that will prompt user action …
Posted By: Dr. Ihab Tadros
Medical Director DCare Medical, Egypt

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